Welcome to Tackling Tables

a brilliant way to learn times tables and division

Welcome to Tackling Tables video

Learning times tables has never been so much fun!

  • Tackling Tables - a unique and exciting times tables card game and app to help students learn multiplication and division facts "off by heart"
  • Parents - this is a great way for you to help your child learn their times tables. Playing for just 5-10 minutes a day will make all the difference!
  • Teachers - this is a fun and exciting way to teach times tables in the classroom - an effective resource to get your year 4 children "multiplication tables check" ready
  • School Leaders & Teachers - Tackling Tables is also available as a challenging and consistent whole school scheme of work. With in-depth pupil tracking, reporting functions and intelligent practice options (to extend and deepen understanding) it supports the new Ofsted inspection framework
  • Teachers and Students in Secondary Schools - a helpful resource to make up lost ground - it's never too late to get times tables and the inverse sorted!
  • Teachers and Students in F.E. - a great resource to help prepare for Functional Skills testing

What makes Tackling Tables different?

By playing the Tackling Tables card game, students see number relationships rather than just learn specific times tables in isolation. This is a powerful way to help them achieve rapid and accurate retrieval of multiplication tables and the corresponding division facts.

Students who do not have these facts committed to memory must calculate the answers. This is more prone to error than memory retrieval. Learning times tables frees up working memory (the mental space in which thought occurs ) enabling students to focus on the bigger problem.

Tackling Tables How it Works video

It Really Works......

Jocelyn Knight, King’s Cliffe Endowed Primary School

Undoubtedly, Tackling Tables has revolutionised our children’s enthusiasm, understanding and fluency of times tables. What an amazing initiative!

The card game is fun, exciting and engaging for children, teachers and parents alike. The relationship that the children have with their times tables has become exponentially more positive and happier, whilst the relationship between parents and teachers over tables has developed as well.

I could not recommend this any more highly – a fantastic opportunity. The best decision as a maths lead that I have made! :)