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a brilliant way to learn times tables and division

Welcome to Tackling Tables video

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Times Tables - Start your learning journey with us.

A knowledge of times tables and the associated division facts are SO important.

It impacts many areas of Maths - that’s why the National Curriculum (what is taught in schools) has included age-related targets for Primary school children.

How do you know how well your child knows their times tables?

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Children’s competence is now subject to a statutory test at the end of year 4.

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What makes Tackling Tables different?

By using the fun and effectiveness of game-based learning, Tackling Tables:

  • Builds confidence and self-belief through understanding
  • Teaches tables through number relationships rather than learning lists of times tables
  • Gives equal emphasis to multiplication and division
  • Links learning to the National Curriculum and age-related expectations in England
  • Promotes the importance of tables knowledge by applying it to a wide range of maths topics
Tackling Tables How it Works video

It Really Works......

The Tackling Tables card game provides a great way for building children’s confidence in learning their times tables. Our testers found them easy to use and there was a real sense of achievement when the children got the answers right – they enjoyed being able to collect the cards they had answered correctly.

Parents liked that the cards could be played both individually and competitively, with more than one child at a time. This is ideal for siblings as the different sections of easy, medium and hard are suited to different age groups. Additionally, this also allows progression as children develop their knowledge and confidence.