Tackling Times Tables for Parents

Hate maths or love maths; Tackling Tables has something for everyone...

In our experience what children hate about maths is being confused, intimidated and embarrassed by it! Helping your child to learn multiplication and division facts is one of the best ways to boost their confidence and enjoyment and unlock their potential. For those who love maths – the intelligent practice options on the App – supported by the teaching clips on this website - will really challenge and develop their level of competence and maths mastery.

The following options are available:

Student Set

Playing the Tackling Tables card game is a fun and exciting way for you to get involved and support your child’s learning. Play for just 5 -10 minutes a day and see the difference! At just £12.50 this really is money well-spent!

Tackling Tables Student Pack
Tackling Tables Student Pack
  • 1 set of cards (42 Blue; 21 Green; 15 Red)
  • Colour coded overview to highlight number relationships and show how as students progress through the phases, the number of tables they have to learn reduces
  • Playing instructions

Beat Your Best

Tackling Tables Beat Your Best
  • Comprehensive Testing/Monitoring & Recognition resources to support the unique Tackling Tables Approach
  • "Beat Your Best" Q&A test sheets for multiplication/division & mixed
  • Apply your knowledge with Intelligent Practice tests
  • Score Sheets
  • Certificates
  • A great way for parents to support and motivate their children in this vitally important aspect of maths

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Use the Tackling Tables App to learn, play, test and then apply knowledge and understanding. Play for just 5-10 minutes a day and see the difference!

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2 versions of the App are available by annual subscription

  Tackling Tables
Tackling Tables
Choose Learn, Play & Test for times tables and division
See best score and progress
See mistakes & skipped questions
13 age-related, challenging Intelligent Practice Tests to apply, embed and extend  
Annual Subscription £7.95 £12.95

Free Trial

Tackling Tables App
  • The Learn mode demonstrates the all-important number relationships
  • In play mode, students can play the cards at their own pace to develop confidence and then against the clock to achieve rapid recall
  • The standard tests motivate students to track progress and learn from their mistakes and beat their previous best score – a great combination to support continual improvement
  • The intelligent practice tests (supported by teaching clips on the website) are designed to challenge students by inviting them to apply their tables knowledge in a wide range of difficult mathematical contexts. Again, they can track progress and learn from their mistakes
  • Student Report feature enables Parents to track their child’s progress
  • Personalised Certificates sent via email when Full Marks are achieved in any test

It Really Works......

Victoria Nicholson - Parent

We love Tackling Tables! It's such a fabulous concept. We have found it to be fantastic at getting my girls quicker at recalling their times tables/division facts and at helping them learn other areas of maths too! It's a great motivator as they love to beat their best scores. Thank you for inspiring them to want to learn even more!