The importance of learning times tables

The ability to achieve rapid recall (learn off by heart) times tables facts is so helpful because they underpin so many areas of maths. The list is almost endless and includes written calculation strategies, calculating fractions and percentages of amounts, simplifying fractions, recognising square numbers and square roots, dealing with area etc. etc.

However, as teachers , we believe of equal importance is the feeling of confidence that students enjoy when they have developed the competence of rapid recall.  


Hating Maths isn't hereditary!


Maths is a subject that creates strong feelings. If we, as parents, haven't had a good experience in our schooling, it's easy to influence our children with negative thoughts. No-one likes something that they believe they can't do. 

As teachers, we often hear parents say ‘I was no good at Maths’ as if this is the reason why their child struggles. If we can change that perception, we are on the way!

The greatest gift we can give to our children's schooling is our interest and support. If learning can be made fun, then progress is quickly made and success tasted. As soon as anyone believes they can do something, they begin to enjoy it and believe in themselves. Learning is unlocked. Maths is enjoyed. 


Inter-School Competition May 2024

We are delighted to share the results of our latest competition:

and some pictures of our star performers at Wisbech Grammar:

at Hornton Primary:

and Manor Leas Junior: