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Tackling Tables in Action video

To generate this excitement in the classroom and help children learn their tables and the inverse, purchase a Classroom Box.

Each box includes:

  • 30 packs of cards (10 Blue/10 Green/10 Red) - children can play in groups of 2 or 3
  • Age-related 60 second baseline assessments to get a snapshot of levels of competence in class
  • Colour coded mixed Multiplication and Division 100 Question "Beat Your Best" tests and answers to monitor progress against age related expectations
  • Student monitoring sheets to enable them to track their own progress

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Classroom Boxes cost £75.00 plus postage and packing. If you would like to purchase Classroom Boxes and pay by invoice, please get in touch.

Tackling Tables Whole Shool Approach video
  • An exciting and motivating scheme of work
  • A consistent approach throughout the school
  • Comprehensive analytics to track progress
  • Encourage parental involvement

Whole School Options

There are 4 annual subscription options available:

  Tackling Tables
Tackling Tables
Tackling Tables
Tackling Tables
At school & at home - Learn, Play & Test for Multiplication, Division & Intelligent Practice
Online and on any device
At school & at home - Learn, Play & Test for Multiplication & Division
Online and on any device.
Beat Your Best Tests, Record Sheets & Certificates for Multiplication & Division
13 age-related, challenging Intelligent Practice Tests to apply, embed and extend    
In depth analytics – measuring progress and ARE % by pupil and class Bespoke Spreadsheet Auto-generated
Annual Subscription £125.00 £175.00 £225.00 £275.00
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With every subscription is a FREE Starter Pack and Product Discount

Free Starter Pack Product Discount
Classroom Box Additional Classroom Boxes @ £60.00 (instead of £75.00)
Student Pack Student packs - Available to parents @ £8.50 (instead of £11.95)
Button Badges Button Badges @ 30p each

Not sure which option is best for you? Please contact us.

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It Really Works......

Personally, I have found that using tackling tables has helped parents and staff to focus on the importance of times tables within maths. The extension challenges really reflect the fluency element of the new maths curriculum. Parents like Tackling Tables because it is something they are able to do at home to support their child. The children enjoy challenging themselves and we celebrate every increase in score, whether it is one more or a 100! I always emphasise that if you can do the multiplication challenge then you can do the division because to divide quickly you need to know your tables.

Sarah Turner

MaST teacher - Ten Mile Bank Riverside Academy