Tackling Tables App

Based on the unique Tackling Tables playing cards.

Tackling Tables App
  • A fun and challenging way to learn times tables and understand the division facts
  • Reports enable students to track their own progress and learn from their mistakes – a great way to support continual improvement
  • Video teaching clips support the option to apply times tables knowledge through a wide range of intelligent practice – a brilliant way to apply, embed and extend student’s learning
  • A comprehensive resource for Home Educators
  • Playing for just 5-10 minutes a day will make all the difference!

Use the Tackling Tables App to learn, play and test times tables and then apply knowledge and understanding – Click below for a FREE 3 day trial

2 versions of the App are available by annual subscription:

  Tackling Tables
Tackling Tables
Choose Learn, Play & Test for times tables and division
See best score and progress
See mistakes & skipped questions
13 age-related, challenging Intelligent Practice Tests to apply, embed and extend  
Annual Subscription £4.95 £7.50

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