Tackling Times Tables Online

Features for Students

Tackling Tables Online
  • The Learn mode demonstrates the all-important number relationships
  • In play mode, students can play the cards at their own pace to develop confidence and then against the clock to achieve rapid recall
  • The standard tests motivate students to track progress and learn from their mistakes and beat their previous best score – a great combination to support continual improvement
  • The 13 Intelligent Practice tests (supported by teaching clips on the website) are designed to challenge students by inviting them to apply their tables knowledge in a wide range of difficult mathematical contexts. Again, they can track progress and learn from their mistakes

Features for Teachers

Tackling Tables Online Part 2
  • It is a fun and engaging way to support the teaching and learning of times tables and the inverse
  • It offers effective formative assessment and helps teachers to produce clear next steps for pupils
  • Enrichment options are designed to deepen understanding through application of knowledge in a wide range of contexts13 Intelligent Practice tests (supported by teaching clips on the website)
  • Data collection avoids excessive or unnecessary workload for teachers

Features for Leaders

Featues for Leaders
  • It provides pupil progress reports and age-related attainment information based on National Curriculum expectations by class/gender/SEND & disadvantage for every class in your school
  • It facilitates mastery – following the Ofsted guidance of building on secure foundations and favouring extension over acceleration by enabling pupils to apply their learning in new contexts
  • It reduces workload for teachers
  • It is a brilliant resource to help get pupils “Multiplication Tables Check” ready

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  Tackling Tables
Tackling Tables
Tackling Tables
Tackling Tables
At school & at home - Learn, Play & Test for Multiplication, Division & Intelligent Practice
Online and on any device
At school & at home - Learn, Play & Test for Multiplication & Division
Online and on any device.
Beat Your Best Tests, Record Sheets & Certificates for Multiplication & Division
13 age-related, challenging Intelligent Practice Tests to apply, embed and extend    
In depth analytics – measuring progress and ARE % by pupil and class Bespoke Spreadsheet Auto-generated
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